About us

What is Indoor Drumline?

• An indoor drumline (or indoor percussion ensemble) incorporates the marching percussion (or battery) and front ensemble (or pit) sections of a marching band or drum corps. Indoor drumline combines elements of music performance, marching, and entertainment to create a unique show that pushes the boundaries on the performers’ musical & physical abilities. While a marching band or drum corps will use a football field as their performance zone, an indoor drumline’s performance zone is a basketball court, and allows the performers to utilize a sixty foot by ninety foot space to fully engage their audience.


• Indoor groups can be affiliated with high schools, attracting their own students, or as independent non-profit organizations, attracting potential membership from a much larger area. Winter Guard International (WGI ) is the governing body for all indoor colorguard, drumline, and winds, and organizes competitive shows throughout the Winter & Spring.

• More than 36,000 performers from around the world performed at WGI regionals last year.

• The local circuit partner is the Northwest Association for Performing Arts (NWAPA ), based in Portland, OR.

• Each year, indoor drumlines produce a new competitive show, between 4–6 minutes (A class), and refine it throughout the Winter & Spring. Shows are judged in a variety of musical and visual categories.

Who We Are & History

• Eruption Indoor Percussion (EIP) was started by Geoff Smith & Ben Hagen in September of 2015 as a way to bring the indoor drumline activity to Western Washington. Many of the staff members of Eruption Drum & Bugle Corps’ 2015 season were the driving force behind the foundation of this independent indoor group. Those same people laid the groundwork for the administrative, design, and instructional processes that made Eruption Indoor Percussion inaugural season a success.

• EIP was based in Orting, Washington for its first season, and performed twice with the Northwest Pageantry Association (NWPA ) in exhibition performances around the Puget Sound. The group concluded its season with two competitive shows with the Northwest Association for Performing Arts (NWAPA ) in Vancouver, Washington, and Championships in Salem, Oregon as part of the PIA division (Percussion Independent A). General FAQ Parent Information

Parent Information

• When your child decides to be part of an independent indoor group, they are making a bold choice and deep commitment that requires strength and focus. This activity brings on new levels of responsibility, self-discipline, and knowledge, and your child will gain values that will help them succeed in life. Every student has personal reasons for wanting to do indoor, and your child is no different. Many do it to become better performers, and many find it’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests. For many students, it is a way to challenge themselves to become the best they can be.

• Being a part of an indoor drumline means being a part of something bigger than yourself, and learning how to work as a team. On the surface, this activity is guaranteed to make your student a better performer & musician. Along the way, however, your student will learn valuable lessons that will last a lifetime, and learn what can be accomplished through hard work and truly dedicating oneself to an experience.

• No matter the dream, being part of Eruption Indoor Percussion can help achieve that goal, while at the same time providing one of the most intense and rewarding performing arts education experiences available in the world. It’s an experience that helps build the performance, education and personal foundation of a lifetime.